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Prehistoric Life

Lindsay, William
Book, 1994

J 560 LIN

Who Will It Be?

How Evolution Connects Us All

Vitale, Paola
Book, 2020

JE 576.8 VITE


The First Four Billion Years : the Story of Life From the Big Bang to the Evolution of Humans

Jenkins, Martin
Book, 2019

J 576.8 JENK

Shell, Beak, Tusk

Shared Traits and the Wonders of Adaptation

Heos, Bridget
Book, 2017

JUV 576.8 HEO

Totally Human

Why We Look and Act the Way We Do

Nicolson, Cynthia Pratt
Book, 2011

JUV 576.8 NIC

Life Story

A Play in Five Acts

Burton, Virginia Lee
Book, 2009

J 560 BUR

The Beginning

Ackroyd, Peter
Book, 2004

YA 576.8 ACK

The Human Story

Our Evolution From Prehistoric Ancestors to Today

Sloan, Christopher
Book, 2004

J 599.93 SLO

Dinosaurs Alive!

The Dinosaur-bird Connection

Shealy, Dennis R.
Book, 2003

J 567.9 SHE+

The Best Book of Early People

By Margaret Hynes

Hynes, Margaret
Book, 2003

J 567.9 HYN

Earth Time

Williams, Brian
Book, 2003

J 551.7 WIL

Our Family Tree

An Evolution Story

Peters, Lisa Westberg
Book, 2003



Book, 2002

J 576.21 EVOL

Prehistoric Peoples

Brooks, Philip
Book, 2000

J 930.1 BRO

The Beast in You!

Activities & Questions to Explore Evolution

McCutcheon, Marc
Book, 1999

J 599.93 MCC

How Whales Walked Into the Sea

McNulty, Faith
Book, 1999

JUV 599.5 MCN

Human Evolution

Gardner, Robert
Book, 1999

J 576.8 GAR


Gamlin, Linda
Book, 1993

J 575 GAM

Animals Have Cousins Too

Five Surprising Relatives of Animals You Know

Gutfreund, Geraldine Marshall
Book, 1990

J 591.38 GUT


Moore, Ruth E.
Book, 1968

J 574.016 MOO

First Friend

How Dogs Evolved From Wolves to Become Our Best Friends

Hamilton, Kersten
Book, 2021

J 636.7 HAMI

History of the World in Comics

Panafieu, Jean-Baptiste de
Book, 2020

JG 576.83 DEPA

Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct

Real Facts About Real Dinosaurs

Sheneman, Drew
Book, 2020


Prehistoric Life

Lindsay, William
Book, 2000

J 560 LIND

Charles Darwin

Sneddon, Bradley
Book, 2019

J 576.8209 SNED

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