Jun 01, 2021miaone rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
A beautiful book telling a sad, old story. As an adult it's hard not to despise the male (supposedly grown up) "leaders" of all the countries involved: both Koreas, the US, China, and no doubt others. I want to yell at them,"Grow up! You're hurting old people and youngsters and everyone else by your blindness!" What on earth do they think they've gained by their narrowness? For this book to be a product of the divide . . . it's astonishing. This book should be on any reading list of anyone of any age trying to understand why the Korean people have to stay divided. The Vietnamese got back to one country; the Germans got back to one country. Not without pain and suffering, to be sure. But to keep people separated until they've no longer got relatives on the other side because so much time has gone by that they have all died! That makes no sense at all.