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Apr 08, 2021TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
This is the third book of the series and things are starting to heat up. This book is all around very entertaining and I did not want to stop reading it. This is my favorite book of the series so far and I cannot believe I ended it. I recommend this book to everyone. I am so sad that I finished it but am so glad I get to tell people about this amazing book. Harry Potter is such a great character throughout the book and the development of every character is amazing. Harry Potter throughout the book stays on track and does not let anything get in his way. The character development was so beautifully written because so much of the characters personalities change to something more interesting. So glad I read this. I rate this 5/5 stars. @JJ_03_ of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board I don’t want to sound like a bandwagon, but Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is one of the most spellbinding (pun intended) books in the series. This novel features the first shift in tone from lighthearted and a happy-go-lucky mood to a more ambitious and consequential wizarding world. Don’t worry; the goofiness is still there; (nods to Ron and Malfoy’s Crew). The addition of Sirius Black is a very compelling one, and so is that of Remus Lupin. Subplots such as Harry’s internal/external conflict with the dementors and Hermione’s time turner tie up wonderfully with the main plot concerning Sirius Black. I adore the utilization of a red herring in this book and the mystery aspect of the story as it works in the book’s favour. I wish that we saw more of Dumbledore and just a tad bit more suspense, but other than that, Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban is an astonishing novel in a great series. 4.5/5. @Broda of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board The third book in the Harry Potter series. In book three, a wizard escapes from the highest security prison in the world and is nowhere to be found. With lots of suspense, this book hooked me right when I picked it up. My favorite part of this part must be towards the beginning when he finds out who the prisoner of Azkaban is, and what he has to do with Harry. My favorite character in this book is also the prisoner, as you get to know him throughout the book. One of my favorite books in this magical series so far, holding plot twists, more magical creatures, thrilling moments, you will surely not want to put the book down. 4.5 / 5 stars @Spencer_Pan of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The third book in the series, and the only not to feature the series biggest antagonist, however highlights everything a reader should love about the Harry Potter series, and shows it at its best. A truly clever mystery with surprising plot twists, more discovery about the magical world and the lore of the Potters family, a closer look at characters, their relationships and dynamics relating to all of their unique and individual personalities, well paced and entertaining to read with high stakes reaching from saving an innocent man's soul, and a simple Qudditch match. This book is my personal favourite Harry Potter book, and only gets better the more you read it. 5 stars out of 5 easily! @Ace of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board I found this novel to be my favorite Harry Potter novel out of the series. This novel has everything that makes harry potter to be exciting and more adventures of the other novels. It also had the less serious vibe that the books after four gave off as Harry and the other characters were still kids by this time. The story of Sirius Black and the relationship he had with Harry. I like this story still has the funny aspect and also can be serious. I will give this novel a rating out of 5 out 5 stars. Being probably the best out of all the novels. @Nando90 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board