Feb 19, 2021DianeSeiler rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I just discovered Connie Willis with 'Passage' (which is shocking, when I consider that I have been reading SF for 53 years and she has won more Hugo awards than anyone else has, ever) but at first I wasn't sure that this book even was SF; after all, many SF writers cross genres in their work (Kate Wilhelm, for example). Her characters are fully human, fully in the here-and-now (I loved the constantly shifting maze of the hospital - I'm sure I've had appointments there - in several different states, too!) and she is so matter-of-fact with her SF premises that at first I just assumed they were details in a field I don't know much about. The story itself hooked me immediately; I read it over two days, mostly by ignoring everything else I ought to have been doing, which is a weakness I haven't succumbed to for years! I read fast, but I didn't skip anything, willing the characters to succeed. Usually when the reader knows things the characters don't it's frustrating, but not this time. Very satisfying throughout. And I agree that despite there being a child in peril, it didn't trigger my usual anxiety on the subject - perhaps because Maisie is the actor in her story, with plenty of agency.