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Techniques for Better Woodworking
Jun 15, 2019js_rom rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
Nice primer on sharpening theory. Good technique for sharpening just about any tool. Contains detailed plans for adjustable jigs you can make to sharpen odd-shaped objects: gouges, curvy blades, and knifes. Nice breakdown of pros and cons if you don't know what type of sharpening equipment to buy (spoiler: it doesn't matter. get one type and get good at using it). It also tells you how to maintain your sharpening equipment -- covers both hand sharpeners/stones, and electric wheel grinders. I rented this one because I wanted to know how to put a camber on a plane iron using a flat stone or sandpaper (i.e. to create a scrub plane iron). That's not in the book, regrettably.