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May 17, 2019CASSIE ERIN KELLEY rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Alas for the Baudelaires! Their misfortunes are fated to continue, and yet there are readers like you who continue to read their woe-filled tale. Why you would want to subject yourself to such misery is beyond me. But here you are yet again. Within these pages are crows, alive, stuffed, and fountain-ized. Can the Baudelaires find the triplets? Is there any hope to learn what V.F.D. is? How bad can their lives possibly get? Alas for you! If you have picked up this book, you will discover some, but not all. And you will have to read more of their miserable story to find out the rest. If you want to read of misery, this is the perfect book for you. But if you want something lighter, perhaps read ‘The Littlest Elf.’