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hesselugano made a comment Feb 27 2021
"I haven't watched Leah's anti-Scientology rant on television but I must say that In writing this book, Leah Reminini has achieved the near-impossible. By the time I had read half-way through this book I actually began to feel sorry for the Church ..." Permalink
hesselugano made a comment Feb 16 2021
"Interestingly, the studio that produced this piece of psychobabble fluff hired the psychologist Hervey Milton Cleckley (1903 – 1984) as a technical consultant. Dr. Cleckley is the author of "The Mask of Sanity" an authoritative text on p..." Permalink
hesselugano made a comment Feb 15 2021


"This movie deserved its Oscar. It was nice to see a fine actor like Michael Keaton emerge from obscurity and play an important role in a high quality movie. The plot of Spotlight reminded me of Amy J. Berg's documentary: "Deliver Us From Evil..." Permalink
hesselugano made a comment Feb 06 2021

Chasing Madoff

DVD - 2011
"The year 2010 saw the production of two documentaries about financial fraud, greed and stupidity on a mammoth scale: "Chasing Madoff" and "Inside Job". Charles Ferguson created the gold standard of documentaries, a brilliantly ..." Permalink
hesselugano made a comment Jun 04 2020
"A valuable insight into the engineering problems of designing, constructing and moving a huge structure on land. The original 1986 sarcophagus looked so dilapidated I figure its replacement was completed just in the nick of time. Of course this wa..." Permalink
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