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hibba_2005 rated a title Feb 25 2021
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hibba_2005 made a comment Jan 04 2021
"Omgg this book was so good!! I would definitely read it over and over again! New memorable characters are introduced, the plot gets more suspenseful, some parts are sad, but it’s always lightened up by humour, and it’s very funny, lighthearted and..." Permalink
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Jul 25 2020
"this book is great! I love it so much,and, lucky me, I have finished all the books leading up to book 1 in dawn of the clans, so no spoilers! just saying, Onestar is much friendlier to a couple of kittypets than he is to Firestar and Thundercla..." Permalink
hibba_2005 made a comment Jul 11 2020
"omg omg can't describe how much I just love this book!! such a good book!! I read it in grade 8 and IT IS AMAZING!!! I love all the characters & it's just so relatable, funny, sad, happy and everything a book should have. It's really a life ch..." Permalink
hibba_2005 made a comment Jun 22 2020
"omg love this book soooo much! Definitely my fave series from the whole arc, grey wing and clear sky are the best :))" Permalink
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