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The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

"they can fall under the following categories -mystery -suspense -thriller -murder -kidnapping -page turner"
By roop33
roop33 rated a title Aug 19 2018
roop33 made a comment Aug 19 2018
"This book was very interesting in the truth or dare series. I enjoyed the suspense in this book because it was like you knew how much the character knew and as things unfolded you were the character because those things were new to you too. The on..." Permalink
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Life sucks when your friends are pissed at you. Just ask Zoey Redbird - she's become an expert on suckiness. In one week she has gone from having three boyfriends to having none, and from having a close group of friends who trusted and supported...
roop33 made a comment Aug 14 2018
"The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die is a very interesting book. Once you pick it up you can't put it down. I enjoyed reading this because like in the book Cady who doesn't know anything about herself I didn't know either. As the story reveals more ab..." Permalink
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