Understanding Wood Finishing
Understanding Wood Finishing How to Select and Apply the Right Finish By Flexner, Bob Oversize Book - 2005

Beautiful paper, beautiful photos. Many tables, and step-by-steps. A lot of detailed information is given about the chemistry of products, and the structure of wood, which helps build a strong understanding.

Everywhere in the text are these callouts ("NOTE:", "CAUTION:", "MYTH VS FACT", "TIP"), and I find them very distracting. I wish the author had taken more time to massage those directly in the text instead. It breaks the flow of reading -- and forces you to re-read all the notes if you're tracing back your steps. Many different fonts and colors are used - 5 or 6, it's a bit all over the place. The tables are really big, but the fonts in them are larger than normal text, I don't know why that was necessary.

Too many large photos in my opinion -- many of them are not that useful (such as seeing the image of a beaker with some mixture in it, or a person pouring water into a pan), I'd rather have a smaller book that I can carry. The photos of wood grain and wood defects are very useful however.

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