I don't ever read memoirs, but I've been reading mainly bestsellers lately, so Educated just had to be on my to-read list.
To put it simply, reading Educated was an eye-opening experience. I have never encountered a family or even a single individual like Tara Westover's family. I've seen Facebook posts praising essential oils as though they have holy powers or posts condemning vaccines, but even they are not as close to the absurdity that curses the Westovers. With that in mind, it was absolutely enthralling to watch Tara detach from her roots and her family's beliefs as she pursued higher forms of education.
Although the memoirs frequently highlight the stories that negatively portray her family members, I especially liked how Tara also gifts us moments of tenderness and familial love. Even a simple phrase of dialogue that could have been easily omitted are left in the story, reminding readers that while her family can be absolutely nuts, they are still the people close to Tara's heart. Ultimately, this assists readers with understanding Tara's struggle to acknowledge the problems of her family and her eventual detachment from them.
Without going into excessive detail, reading Tara's life journey was captivating from beginning to end, and as its title suggests, Educated has the potential to inspire its readers to pursue an education, whether from school or simply from the world around them.

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