This book was so incredible, that I had to hunt down Lisa Scottoline on Facebook and tell her how incredible the book was! (she was delighted, BTW)

This is the story of Bennie Rosato, a partner in a law firm who decides to take the case of a 25 year old accused in the stabbing death of his long time enemy. Considered "run-of-the-mill", one of countless murders occurring in Philadelphia, people wonder why she has taken the case. The reason quickly becomes clear in the first few pages. Her new "client" is someone from her past that she thought she would never get to see again. He was a child when she first represented him in an assault case and for reasons that are beautifully told throughout the story, she let him down. As a result, the sweet young boy that she tried to represent grew up to be a hardened man, faced with life in prison if convicted. She vows not to make the same mistake twice and will do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't spend one more day in jail.

Lisa Scottoline is nothing short of an artist. The story was masterfully written and will easy have you spending every free moment with your nose in the book! This story will stay with me for a long time. I gave this book 4 stars. It would have been 5 if I wasn't 'personally' disappointed with the decision Bennie makes at the end.

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