One Dead Spy
One Dead Spy The Life, Times, and Last Words of Nathan Hale, America's Most Famous Spy By Hale, Nathan Graphic Novel - 2012

In One Dead Spy our hero Nathan Hale stands at the gallows alongside a hangman and a British Provost Marshall mere moments before he is to be hanged by the neck until dead. Suddenly he is eaten! Eaten by a big book of American history no less. After being spit out he now knows the entirety of American history and is willing to tell everything he knows. The first story that needs to be told, however, is the tale of Nathan Hale himself. And if along the way he happens to tell the stories of folks like Ethan Allen, Henry Knox, and other big and colorful characters all the better. Like a Colonial Scheherazade, Hale is spared by the childish and endearing hangman and the blowhard Provost Marshall, just so long as he keeps weaving together new tales.

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