Hunted A House of Night Novel By Cast, P. C. Book - 2009

I really like the storyline concept, so it's quite a shame that the quality in writing just isn't there.

This book is much like the others, picking up where the last left off as the evil fallen angel, Kalona, attempts to take over the House of Night (and probably ultimately, the World *insert evil laugh*). It draws heavily on spiritual themes borrowed from the Native Americans. Zoey, the main character and most talented fledgling vampire, must solve the riddle of how to rid them of Kalona and save her friends using clues given to her through visions of the future and poetry.

The authors did a good job of creating the mystery and slowly revealing the clues to its solution. The story moves quickly through the action and keeps the reader entertained throughout.

My gripe is with the side stories that keep resurfacing without much change. Zoey is at it again with the love triangles, imprints, and forbiden fruit desires. The boys/men are all still as gaga over her as ever, and her bad habit of kissing whomever she feels like at the moment continues to get her into trouble.

The story takes place over approximately 24 hours, which makes me think that this school year may drag on for another 5 or so books.

All in all, I enjoyed the story, but was unsatisfied. I feel that not much is revealed, explained, or resolved in the overall book.

Mahala's rating:
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