How the Irish Saved Civilization
How the Irish Saved Civilization The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe By Cahill, Thomas Book - 1995

We, the Kindelan's, are on page 214, apparently of the Irish nobility. I imagine we were enterprising, and we, the Mahoney's, the Murphy's, and the O'Neil's fled to Spain. Had we stayed we would have been assassinated. They called us "Wild Geese." Better wild geese than a dead ones. Some did manage to go to Australia, France, Cuba, and Canada. In Cuba they were devout Communists, great athletes, Oriestes Kindelan was the homerun king of World Amateur baseball, and Mario won the Olympic Gold medal two times in boxing. It's fun to
feel a sense of pride for one's namesake's achievements, and many of our tribe/clan have gone on to do well. General Kindelan attempted to assassinate Franco, he failed and fled the country. However on page 3 the idea to attach the word civilized to the Irish is in some ways hilarious, we're so much people of the earth, in most ways the Irish were anything but civilized, but apparently they saw a need and filled it. John Kindelan, my father, was being prepared for the priesthood, but when it came to the priesthood, no women, and the Navy, he joined the Navy and I'm the result of his hankering for the female of the species. He didn't know it, but he had type 1 diabetes and was deathly ill at 31 years old, and hung on until he was 48. His diabetes was never diagnosed by medical doctors, but his sister, an RN he put through nursing school, diagnosed it. He had high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, went blind, had boils on his neck, and went from 165 down to 75 pounds. It was then he died. RIP, pop.

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