Mozart's sister

Mozart's sister

Nannerl, la soeur de Mozart

DVD - 2012 | French
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A re-imagined account of the early life of Maria Anna 'Nannerl' Mozart, five years older than Wolfgang and a musical prodigy in her own right. Originally the featured performer, Nannerl has given way to Wolfgang as the main attraction, as their strict but loving father Leopold tours his talented offspring in front of the royal courts of pre-French revolution Europe.


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Nov 24, 2020

It seems the oligarchic pecking order depicted here has existed throughout the history of mankind. Who is the top dog? The rich of course- Royalty in this film- control the land and culture. Even the middle class bow down in the kings court and are pleased to do so. I would've given this 4 stars but it's such a tragic and maddening example of ruthless patriarchy, a hard pill to swallow. Even though she's well off and in a tight knit loving family, her entrenched obedience causes her brilliant talent and personal empowerment to be defeated. The princess she becomes friends with finds maternal love in a nunnery and both girls are the victims of mind control by the church. Many performances demonstrated this amazing girl's undervalued talent which was used to support her brother and parents. Even though the rich still control the land in our modern world, with no one getting into power without a lot of money, we have come far in distancing our societies around the world from this repressive Victorian way of life into more progressive, less macho cultures, some more than others. Racism is also on the way out. To a large extent modern films and the internet make this possible. There's hope for mankind. The beautiful clothing, hairstyles, horse drawn coaches and rich settings in Paris and countryside make this film visually appealing.

Mar 14, 2018

A fascinating, well-done period film that I recommend!

NOTE: This Video Set includes a CD of the Movie Sountrack and is quite good!

This movie story gives much to think and ponder about!
In those times, the expectations of the Society and Church were strict and stifling! The Church had too much power even and, especially, over the Royal Family's lives! (Although, not over the extreme immoral behaviour of the King, himself!)

I am especially touched by the excellent performance and talent of the young teenage Actress playing the Royal Daughter!

In those times, the roles were severely defined! To think that in those days the women were not allowed to play certain musical instruments nor to compose is mind-boggling!
This is a story of a loving, warm, caring, reknown family that travels to give professional musical shows to the rich and famous! It is about the parents' pride and high musical expectations of their children! The Father recognizes the young Son's natural gifts and talent, his Prodigy, but at the same time, minimizes his Daughter's musical passion, talent, and aspirations! He appreciates her musical performances, but sees no futute for her in this field, because she is a female! He is quick to criticize her, in order to dim her future 'unrealistic' aspirations, feeling he is being practical! The Father and the Society do not believe that women are able to compose music! He fails to see her broken heart, as he is dictated by their society on the role of the women in their culture and families! Although, he does love his Children and his Wife, yet, he fails to see beyond the current worldview!

The addition of the Royal Children to this Story, and their close relationship with the Mozart's Sister is brilliant! We learn so much more of their personal lives and feel greatly about their dilemmas and grief!
There is a sad undercurrent in several of the main characters in the story! Fighting against the conventions and ruling decisions by the King is seen as futile, no matter how personally devastating or unjust! (The people found ways to cope, healthy and unhealthy!) The fear of going against the Church (the God's messenger) is felt, also!

The wardrobe, the sets, cinematography are quite beautiful!
This movie could easily be made longer and covered more details or gone more in-depth, made into a Series!

A Commentary would have been welcomed and helpful in understanding more about that time period in history! As well as having interviews with the historians to give more personal info about the Mozart's family and their musical history, and helping us separate facts from fiction, etc!

Jan 05, 2018

Really enjoyable, well-told story of Mozart's sister, who was equally talented but received no recognition because she was female. Beautiful scenery & exquisite costumes.

May 08, 2017

Due to gender, Mozart's sister and her brilliant musical talent are denied opportunities. There's a brief span of flirtation with the entitled, self-absorbed King of France, but she sees from the first that it's best to develop her own path, whatever the limitations. Can't give this film a higher rating because it documents tired old ways of thinking.

Movie: I never watched it, but just by the description, it is very sexist.
Soundtrack: Nice beautiful music.

Jun 24, 2015

I love historical dramas. This one had absolutely beautiful cinematography, sets, and costumes. So why am I only giving it a one-star rating? Not because it is subtitled-I don't mind subtitles (see my review of "Nora's Will"), but because this film is so terminally boring. Even the beauty of it could not keep me awake. The characters are so bland I could not tell one woman from another. Sorry, but the script and acting just did not hold up to the beauty of the cinematography.

NewYorkViews Apr 13, 2015

Quaint view of Mozart's sister who was a musical prodigy also. This fictive account recreates some years of her missing life, and some of it is actual such as her later marriage but she had three children, not just one as mentioned at the end of the film. Supposedly, the Mozarts were blond(e)s with blue eyes, but the dark-haired Mozarts acting in the film were quite cool. I saw this film in the movie theater, and found it a great escape film. Though, not much is in it regarding the background of the times--the many families that played musical instruments excellently together in their own homes--how important it was to their family lives as entertainment.

Oct 18, 2013

“Mozart's Sister” This was interesting to me as a social commentary, on the times and an impactful personage. A woman's attempts and frustrations in dealing with society's morays. The capricious power arrangements around rulers and their families. A family's desperate machinations to be or become important. Speak of depressing endings: the real-life ending of this saga is not uplifting at all.

BlondGenius Feb 08, 2013

Not much time is given to any of the actual music which may survive. The central performance of the "actress" playing Ms. Mozart is curiously wooden and septic, as if she was given a double dose of Paxil each day before she appeared on camera; in short, her performance runs the gamut of emotions from A to B. Perhaps this is what happens when the director, producer. and star are relatives. Supporting roles are well executed.
On the plus side, the locations, production design, makeup and hair design are all really good--even on a low budget. The main reason to watch this odd film is the atmosphere it evokes--the candle-light photography is lovely.

Aug 11, 2012

I had such high hopes, but so much of this movie is not only fantasy but the acting is generally quite poor.


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