Surviving Hollywood and Scientology

Downloadable Audiobook - 2015
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Feb 27, 2021

I haven't watched Leah's anti-Scientology rant on television but I must say that In writing this book, Leah Reminini has achieved the near-impossible. By the time I had read half-way through this book I actually began to feel sorry for the Church of Scientology - something I never dreamed possible. How on earth did Scientologists endure this shallow, bloody-minded, narcissistic brat-on-wheels for 35 long years? I have read only one book that was supposed to promote Scientology (Omar V. Garrison's "The Hidden Story of Scientology") but that book just set off alarm bells and put me off the cult completely. In the introduction, Garrison actually boasted about never having bought a Scientology product or service in his entire life. That's a bit like Garrison praising an investment manager to the moon while assuring his readers he's never entrusted so much as a nickel of his own money to this "genius" who has been ostensibly managing a fund with such spectacular success! In case you are still wondering if I still might be a covert Scientology shill, I'd like to recommend some other, more substantive, books that are equally critical of Scientology: "The Mind Benders" by Cyril Vosper, "Scientology: The Now Religion" by George Malko and "Cults of Unreason" by Dr. Christopher Evans. In my opinion, any of these texts is a far more satisfying and informative read.

glenneaton Aug 07, 2020

I got interested in reading this book after watching the excellent series Scientology and The Aftermath, where Leah interviews many victims of Scientology, the pseudo-religion that promises to rid the world of all evil. It is well known that it is an evil cult designed to separate members from their cash and if they leave, from their family. The book precedes the series Scientology and The Aftermath, and you get much detail on Leah's background.

The author gives the reader an insight into the contrasting difficult life that makes up the background of a successful artist now leading a glamourous life. As an outsider you do not realise that for every success in television is a lifetime of honing one's skills and the persistence needed in getting work. Plus, there are all the rejections actors need to tolerate to succeed.

Troublemaker is an excellent easy to read book. It is interesting to learn about how actors make their careers and learning about how Scientology works to destroy its members lives and families is distressing but it needs to be told, and to be read about.

May 07, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed Leah Remini's skillfully humorous take on her own journey out of a psychologically damaging organization like the Church of Scientology. I was able to relate a lot as someone who has made a transition out of a similarly notorious church and is still trying to deconstruct what it was that I experienced for several decades. I've read a lot of memoirs on Scientology, and this is by far the most accessible for a general population because it is as much a memoir about life trying to make it big in Hollywood as it is about living in a toxic spiritual environment. A certain gateway into the cult memoir genre for sure!

Oct 02, 2019

Wow! Challenging read. Mostly from the perspective of being completely unable to understand how an intelligent Woman could be so incredibly naive, foolish and gullible!! I know she was taken into that so called religion as a young girl and so all her understandings of life are indoctrinated with that twisted perspective and yet it's impossible to imagine with all the access to information we have today that anyone could be so clueless that they were getting bamboozled daily. If nothing the book highlights what it truly means when humans are called 'sheep'. Nonetheless, I'm glad that she did escape and I Trust that she'll make the rest of her Journey about educating others regarding cultish organizations.

Aug 27, 2019

Isn’t this available in audiobook???????

Mar 25, 2019

I listened to this on audio and it was fabulous. I loved Leah's banter. It was like we were sitting on the couch talking about our lives... but she did all the talking. However be aware you does curse, that I did enjoy though. It was interesting listening to the leading up to Scientology and all that went on for her. I enjoy her show The After Math, so reading let you dive in a little deeper and more on a personal level

JCLMeganK Feb 13, 2019

I've been curious about Scientology for awhile, but knew nothing besides the rumors that Scientology is a cult and often recruits celebrities. Likely similar to many other people, I discovered Leah Remini through the show King of Queens, and when I saw she wrote a book about her life through Scientology I was intrigued. If you enjoy audio books, I highly recommend this selection; it really feels like Remini is in the room telling you a story. She does a great job of describing the allure of the Church, which later helps the reader understand the rest of her experience. Fascinating and terrifying, I learned a lot from this book and gained a new perspective on human interactions.

Aug 12, 2018

Recommend. I thought this was interesting, learning about Scientology and how someone could get sucked in.

Jul 30, 2018

A real eye opener to the world of scientology, and the financial ruin it puts regular hard working people through. It's very well written and even has funny parts in it such as her experience as a new mom.

Jul 09, 2018

June 2018 Book Club

Feb 04, 2018

I enjoyed hearing the celebrity side of Scientology but I found the book was lacking a lot of detail about her life in Scientology.. I have read other biography's about people leaving Scientology and unfortunately I did not enjoy this one as much.

Cynthia_N Sep 20, 2017

I enjoyed reading Leah's story. This book covers quite a bit but does seem to focus on her Scientology life which is not surprising since it was such a big part of her life. She does seem a little bitter but I would be too if I donated millions of dollars to a church and then was cast out! It does have her trademark attitude!!

Aug 30, 2017

I read through chapter 4 and was disgusted with the language/profanity. It's going back to the library. It's a piece of trash.

Aug 02, 2017

What I knew about Leah Remini before reading this book could be counted on 3 fingers. Now I know a lot more. Whether I care is a bigger question. I was interested in understanding Scientology and her break with it and, while I definitely understood it through most of the book, it fell apart for me when she told the story of her break from the "church". I got very confused trying to understand who did what to who and why and how this disillusionment led to her severing ties. In truth, almost every time I read anything about Scientology I wind up a bit lost and confused. It took a lot longer for that to happen in this book but happen it did. Not a bad book but certainly not a must-read of any category of reader I can imagine.

Jun 10, 2017

I devoured this book in two evenings, only stopping to eat for survival and to pee. Leah Remini writes with complete honesty about herself and the secret world of Scientology. The only thing I knew about the religion is that the outside world views it as a cult and Tom Cruise is their poster child. Even as Remini explains the complexities of the different branches of Scientology, the never ending ladder climbing and thousands of policies, I still ended up lost and confused which only added to my astonishment. I was left amazed by how Scientology consumes a person’s life and their bank account.

If exploring the inner workings of a cult wasn’t intriguing enough, there is plenty of celebrity name dropping and juicy insider knowledge of the Hollywood side of Scientology. Katie Holmes, Kirstie Alley and Jennifer Lopez, oh my! If Maverick jumping on Oprah’s couch left you with a yearning for more crazy, well there are more helpings of CTC (Crazy Tom Cruise) for your entertainment.

This an easy read, on a not so easy subject.

May 08, 2017

Fascinating, insightful, well-written. A work that will have a huge impact on anyone who may be involved with overbearing organizations that strip away one's time, money, education opportunities, and support network, leaving the exhausted victim vulnerable to the lies.

Mar 09, 2017

A must read if you haven't seen her show "The Aftermath" on A & E!! Excellent documentary & a must see as well!!! After watching & reading about Scientology..... I cant understand how David Miscaviage can get away with what he does & I think Tom Cruise is just as sick as he is!!! This book was well written... it made me laugh ALOT & I love her honesty!! If you weren't a fan of Leah's before.... I think this book may change your mind... :-) I wish Leah....Mike Rinder & whomever else is involved with revealing the truths about this "cult" nothing but success & safety. For DM & Tom Cruise...they should both be put in jail for life but not before they make them stand in dirty garbage cans for days with no rest & with signs around there necks....."we like to torture ppl" or lick urine off public bathroom floors(punishment in Scientolgy) & I can't mention what else they deserve or I could get myself in trouble here.... ;-) Waiting anxiously for the 2nd part of her documentary "The Aftermath of Scientology" (A&E) & hope she writes another book.... :-)

CMLibrary_gjd Feb 20, 2017

This had been on my "to read" list for years, after watching her A&E series, I finally read it! This is a perfect companion piece to "Going Clear....." because it's such a personal story. Leah was brought to Scientology by her Mother as a youngster. She and her sister were indoctrinated in their early teens and it seemed a dream come true. She speaks candidly about the faith and why it could be helpful to some people. She really takes umbrage when another celebrity (T. Cruise--we're talking to YOU!) had "taken over her religion". This is when the blinders come off and she sees everything with new eyes. Her family left with her, so that in and of itself is a happy ending. I'd expect her next book to be about the process of re-integrating into "regular" society.

Feb 17, 2017

I'll be honest- until I read this book I could give two craps about Leah Remini. After watching the broadcasted 20/20 special a few weeks ago, I knew I had to read this one.

I will give it to her that she threw a LOT of daggers- but they were thrown at the right things. I appreciated that she explained to us why Scientology could be good for someone and what it's actual purpose is. But I agree with her after reading this- it is overrun and governed by corrupt people and has become nothing but a cult.

Leah cracked me up listening to her narrate the audiobook- I loved her uncensored opinions and I appreciate anyone who uses humor to make their way through a dark time.

Jan 23, 2017

I’ve never been a fan of Leah Remini, never having seen an episode of The King of Queens. She strikes me as intelligent but crass, one who laces her speech with far too many obscenities. But Scientology is insane, a mind-control cult, and it drives its adherents to amazing lengths, as this autobiography makes plain. She got out, and she’s speaking out, and I’m thankful for that. The writing is brisk and concise, a well-written book and easy to read. Recommended, but be aware there’s a large number of obscenities and profanities in the book.

Jan 18, 2017

The A&E tv show "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" is popular at the moment, shedding light on the Church of Scientology's indoctrination methods. If it was not classified as a "church", and those people committed the same acts of physical and mental abuse, they would have been put in prison by now.
Leah's book shows how a child and family that grew up within it, could eventually free themselves.
Strange, how I never paid much attention to this cult after they tried to recruit me in my youth with a false employment ad, ("oh we don't pay you, you get free courses").
They get mental if others try to use Scientology methods to help others (eg.. ex-members, or, other cults like The Process Church of the Final Judgment.)

Dec 22, 2016

This book was great for our book group. We read the book and watched A&E's new series with Leah Remini. None of us were existing fans of Leah Remini and we read Troublemaker purely for content. Great Scientology discussion.

Dec 14, 2016

I'm a Leah Remini fan and was very interested in her history and how she became involved with Scientology, etc. A good read!

ArapahoeLesley Nov 09, 2016

I wasn't very familiar with Leah Remini, not having seen her in anything post Who's the Boss, but I like to keep up to date about the enigma that is scientology. I enjoyed this book and Leah's voice through out. She gave a different perspective from other great books on scientology such as Beyond Belief and Going Clear, gaining the reader even more insight into scientology and it's leaders. She doesn't hold back much or skirt around the issues culminating in a seemingly genuine honesty to herself and her readers.

This woman pulls no punches! She starts by telling all the immoral/illegal things she and her husband have done, stating that the Church of Scientology will come after her with anything they have on her anyway. She is funny, irreverent, sarcastic, and brave, often using "salty" language to describe things. I found this an easy enjoyable read. There is celebrity gossip (most Scientology...and a lot about Tom and Katie's wedding), the story of her life being raised in Scientology and her own road to celebrity. Her revelations are sad, sometimes shocking and heartbreaking. This woman is a survivor! Recommended by Linda

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