Mummies in the Morning

Mummies in the Morning

Paperback - 1993
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May 20, 2021

I read this book out loud to a small group of 1st graders in a book club setting. After each chapter (or two, if they were really short) we would write a SWBST summary of what we read and then predict what we thought would happen next.

I remember reading this as a kid (only vaguely - the one part I remembered the best was the boat sailing across the sand at the end and the hieroglyph for folded cloth) and so it has been fun to re-experience it with a group of students 20 years later. As an adult, I didn't enjoy this one as much as Dinosaurs before Dark. The overarching plot of the mysterious "M" was left out until the very end, which was a bit disappointing, but since this is only the 3rd book I'll let it slide.

Students enjoyed this one! They had fun during the tense moments and cliffhangers where we didn't know who the ghost queen was or what might happen to Jack and Annie when the lights in the pyramid went out. The short chapters made it difficult to do our summary format since some of them didn't have all the elements we were looking for, but it was still fun! I love reading series with students because if they enjoy it then there are often more similar books for them to check out (and in the case of Magic Treehouse, dozens more!).

Jan 02, 2021


Oct 11, 2018


JCLChrisK Jul 05, 2016

So very earnest. So very full of simple stereotypes. So very well plotted and characterized that I can see why this has remained the most popular beginning chapter book series since I started in the business almost fifteen years ago.

Young siblings Jack and Annie find a mysterious box that they use to travel through time and space, often aided by they box's powerful, magical owner. That's right, in its most basic form the series is Doctor Who for 6-8 year old readers (which has been popular enough to become one of the longest running TV shows of all time). Older Jack (8) is the cautious, studious one who wants to learn before leaping; Annie (7) is the optimistic one who rushes right into everything. It's a perfect combination to establish a balance of adventure and education, with just a touch of tension between them. The tree house's owner provides the mystery.

(This review is for the audio of books 1-8, listened to in immediate succession.)

May 31, 2015

aaaahhhhh mummies!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 05, 2012

Another early chapter book from the Magic Tree house series. This instalment finds Jack and Annie in Ancient Egypt helping a long dead queen find the book of the dead so she can pass through the underworld to the afterlife. Along the way they find another clue about the mysterious "M".

Early readers will love to read this or have it read to them. Good for the collection of teachers and libraries that have young readers.

Aug 07, 2010


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